Which Pokemon Go Team Should You Join?

There are three teams in Pokemon Go in which you can join and compete against the other two teams for Pokemon Go gyms. Each team has its own mascot which are one of the three legendary bird Pokemon in Generation one.

Choose wisely because you cannot change afterwards.

The leader of Team Instict is named Spark. As you may have guessed, this team is all about trusting yourself and your insticts. The mascot for this team is Zapdos, the electric type legendary Pokemon.

This team seems to have the least Pokemon Go trainers but if you like to go against the flow, choose Team Instinct.

Team Mystic is all about the wisdom and intelligence between Pokemon and humans. The mascot for this team is Articuno, the ice type legendary Pokemon. The leader for this team is named Blanche as you can tell from the picture above.

This team has the most players on its side. Having more players on a team doesn't necessarily mean you will always be victorious so just keep that in mind. 

Lastly, we have Team Valor who is the second biggest team in Pokemon Go right behind Team Mystic. Their leader is Candela and they believe in having strong relationships with their Pokemon. They strive to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

Their mascot is Moltres so if you're into that Pokemon that could be a reason you'd want to join this team.

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